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    White Hat provides SEO services & web design; we are SEO experts & website design specialists working with small and medium sized companies. Based in London we have a global client base.

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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Traditional / Organic SEO
    This is the most common form of SEO work done by White Hat at the moment. The work involves the promotion of a number of Webdesign Stuttgart Ihre Stuttgart Agentur für Wordpress CMS Webseiten Wie erstellt man eigentlich eine website? Website erstellen in Baden-Württemberg. business specific keyword phrases directed at a particular page on the website. Typically this would initially involve the main business function (or the most profitable) and the website homepage is the obvious target. Timescale for success is 3 to 6 months, depending on the level of competition.

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    This is a medium and long term commitment to the promotion of the business. The more SEO work that is done the better the site ranks in the search engines for those specific terms and the more enquiries will be delivered. Wie erstellt man eigentlich eine website? Internetseite erstellen The promotion of the site will also result in the general improvement of the site’s authority as seen by Google and others. The advantage of this is that it will start to rank for keywords that are not directly being promoted. By careful review and analysis it is possible to greatly increase the number of visitors to the site and rank for many different keywords.

    SEO Work involves keyword analysis, Design und Programmierung Webdesign Wiesbaden Ihre Agentur für Wordpress Webseiten in Hessen. for some simple site changes and promotion away from the main site to drive traffic back to the website.

    Traditional SEO provides the best long term benefit to the business.

    Google Places / Google Maps
    This involves ranking the website in the Google local listing. The advantage is that it targets ‘local’ clients who are searching for your business services. Local can mean anything from “W1” to “London”. The volumes of Webdesign Augsburg Ihre Agentur für Wordpress Webseiten. visitors tends to be lower than for the general Google traffic, but visitors are more likely to Telekom Presse generate results. The work would target a specific region which would be identified in the initial research phase. This may be an area such as Kensington, Notting Hill, a postcode “W1” etc or may be a larger region such as ‘Central London’, ‘North London’ etc.

    Google Places has become a lot more competitive in the last 18 months as many businesses have seen the value of the listing which is very prominent and tends to appear above the general search area.

    Google Places work involves a number of areas: 1) On Page SEO. This is the configuration of the Ihre Top Adresse für Webdesign Agentur in Wien Google places listing with images, video, citations and client testimonials, 2) Website optimisation to make sure that the places listing matches what is seen on the site, 3) Promotion of the site Boostrap Webdesign und Konzeption Webdesign Dortmund Ihre Agentur fürCMS Wordpress Webseiten in NRW. A number of prominent directories and 3) general SEO promotion focused on the specific location to ensure that it ranks higher than competing businesses. Timescales for success is 2 to 4 months, dependant on competition.

    Video Promotion
    This is a new service which takes advantage of the fact that Google likes to place video and images into the general Google listings if possible. By creating a properly optimised YouTube video and promoting it heavily, it is possible to rank the video for a keyword phrase so that it then appears in the general Google Personal Trainer Berlin listings. The thumbnail of the video is displayed and this stands out from the rest of the listings making it much more likely that it will be clicked. If it is clicked, the conversion rate from video (as opposed to regular text based web pages) is much higher.

    Cost: No cost to start the project if you are already an SEO customer. There Webdesign Dresden will be a monthly fee which will only be due when the video starts to appear on the first page of Google. We are providing this competitive rate as the service is new and we wish to gain a number of testimonials from our initial clients.

    If all three services are targeted at the same business area it is possible to appear three times on the same Google listing (website organic, Google Places and video organic) which is very powerful.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Fees are is based on the number of pages that need to be promoted and the level of work required. Complete the form for an honest analysis of your site and a price quote.

    You can stop at any time, there are no long term contracts.

    What Do We Do?

    Position within search engine ranking is determined by two things: 1) Internal content within the website (text, keywords and tags) and 2) External references (links) back to the website from other sites and both strategies need to be applied together to get the best results.

    Phase I - Preparation
    • Find relevant, high traffic, low competition keywords
    • Analysis of current site structure and content
    • Analysis of competitor site structures and ranking
    • Recommendations for changes to site.

    Phase II – Promotion
    Search engines rank your website by counting the number of links that go from other sites back to yours, the more links the better and the quality of these links is important. We steadily build lots of links from high ranking websites, back to your site from many hundreds of different web sites including:

    • Social networking & Web 2.0 sites
    • Forum profiles and postings
    • Directory listings
    • Articles syndication
    • Blog posting
    • RSS feeds

    All of these links are then mixed together and published to multiple distribution sites across the internet. It creates a massive cross linked network of reference sites and back links. This is done steadily, 5 days a week to ensure that it is seen as natural progression and the process is continued until we received the results that you need.

    The size of the internet is doubling every year. To generate clients from your website, the site has to be seen; you have to do everything you can to make it stand out. In an increasingly crowded market SEO gives you a strong competitive edge.

    If you are interested in learning more about how SEO could help you make your site work for you then request our free summary on the services we provide by filling in your details in the form above.

    SEO Services

    We aim to dramatically improve your ranking with all of the major search engines. All of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques used by our SEO Experts are natural and mis my in gu si we us su ro sh ph we lg mc fa st ey ge no se ol te im se se dr es bu an am ethical and use proven 'White Hat' SEO technology that are approved of by Google and all of the other major Search Engines. Our intention is to move our clients away from the need for costly Pay Per Click Campaigns which are becoming more expensive and competitive and towards more sustainable growth of internet traffic and site visitors.